Herpes Infection By Christine Buehler

A genital herpes infection is one of the more disruptive forms of herpes, though there are others to be aware of. The virus also causes oral herpes which infects the lips. Another sign of a herpes infection is keratitis, which is a herpes infection eye disorder. A herpes simplex virus infection may also cause other ailments, including lesions on a person’s hands, or internal unseen disorders. Herpes zoster – commonly known as zoster, shingles or zona – may manifest as a skin rash of painful blisters.

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Symptoms of a herpes infection change according to the manifestation:

* An oral herpes infection presents very distinguishable signs. The virus attacks oral mucosa or abraded skin on the lips, creating sores or blisters around the area of infection.

* A genital herpes infection is an STD that may lie dormant and be asymptomatic. Even when there are no visible symptoms, this infection may still shed the virus. Clusters of genital sores, resembling sores caused by an oral herpes infection, form lesions around the male penis and/or inner thighs, and in females the pubis, labia, clitoris and vulva. Both sexes may suffer from lesions around the buttocks and anus. Other symptoms include painful sensations in these areas, discharges from the penis or vagina, fevers and headaches.


* A herpes infection eye disorder – keratitis – will cause the eye’s cornea to become inflamed. This is the front part of the eye and an infection may cause pain and impaired eyesight. Superficial keratitis does not usually leave scarring post-infection, while deep keratitis leaves a scar that may impair eyesight if not treated.

* Chickenpox is caused by the herpes zoster viral disease, and initially causes skin rashes that become pockmarks. Later manifestations of zoster cause a characteristic skin rash that initially resembles hives, accompanied by headaches and fever. There are other symptoms, so, as always, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended.

Other herpes virus infections may visibly manifest on hands or cause more serious damage through the central nervous system – causing potential brain damage through herpes encephalitis.

Herpes treatments vary. An effective oral herpes treatment is worth stocking due to the prevalence of the infection. Acyclovir is one of the most commonly-used drugs to treat all kinds of viral herpes simplex and shingles (herpes voster) infections. Acyclovir is marketed under many brand names, and it is possible to buy generic acyclovir online. Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug used to manage the herpes simplex virus and herpes zoster, and may be marketed under various names such as Valtrex, which is FDA approved. The efficacy of this drug is mostly against the herpex simplex virus in its two forms. Generic valtrex effects are the same. Sites may be found offering generic acyclovir online as well as generic valtrex, and each may be used as an oral herpes treatment.

Whatever herpes symptoms may present, it is recommended to consult your local personal physician. A herpes simplex virus infection may lie dormant for a period before reappearing. With more than 500,000 cases diagnosed each year, particular attention should be paid to genital herpes infection for your safety.