A Look at the Important Facts About Herpes

Herpes can be really daunting to live with, especially if you’re one of those unlucky ones who do have regular outbreaks. It’s actually quite a common condition, especially in the United States and some other western countries.

Surprisingly, however, it’s still very under-diagnosed. To be precise, as many as around 85% of the people infected with herpes aren’t aware of it. This contributes to the spread of the virus, which still seems to be growing at a worrying pace.

Hence, it’s perhaps important to educate yourself about herpes by learning about some important facts. They may help you understand the condition better, and put you in a better position to avoid it, or deal with it for that matter if you’re already infected.

With that said, let’s take a look at some important facts about herpes.

It’s Surprisingly Common

As we mentioned earlier, herpes is indeed surprisingly common. However, perhaps the reason it doesn’t seem to be as common as it actually is, is that most people suffering from it aren’t aware of it.

With that said, let us go through some important facts about how common herpes is, especially in the US.

  • It’s believed that one in every five people in the US have genital herpes
  • That translates to a massive 50 million people being infected with herpes in the US alone
  • As mentioned earlier, 85% of these people are unaware that they are infected with herpes, increasing the risk of spreading the virus significantly
  • When it comes to women, herpes is even more common, with one in every four women in the US being infected with it
  • The numbers aren’t much better for men as well, with 20%, or one in every five men in the US having herpes
  • Herpes is considered to be the most prevalent viral STD
  • Experiencing symptoms or not is also something very subjective, given that 60% of the infected women never experience any symptoms whatsoever
  • Coming to people infected with herpes who do experience symptoms, many have 4 to 5 outbreaks an year on average, with some others having just one or two initial outbreak(s) and then never having another one again
  • The numbers are even more worrying on a global scale, with as many as around 540 million people being infected with herpes globally
  • Herpes also seems to be affecting black people more than the white, as 39.2% black people are believed to be infected with it, including 48% of all black women
  • Well over half of all Americans suffer from oral herpes – 50-80 percent to be precise

Herpes is Highly Contagious

It would probably be outright wrong if anyone said otherwise! However, it doesn’t seem to be as simple as simply concluding that herpes is very contagious, because there’s actually more to it.

For one, herpes isn’t believed to be contagious all of the time. That being said, the reason it may still be recommended to be as careful as possible is that you never know when you may end up passing on the virus to others around you.

However, it’s still obviously important to understand how the herpes virus spreads, so that you can try and avoid spreading it (if you’re already infected).

So the first thing you may want to know is that the herpes virus may spread when there’s a direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected area. But it’s only believed to spread when there’s an active outbreak, or during viral shedding, which usually doesn’t have any symptoms (and can hence make it so challenging to figure out when the virus may end up spreading to others).

Similarly, while it may be much less likely for the virus to infect others when you’re not having an outbreak or going through viral shedding, there may still always be a possibility of ending up infecting others, even at other times.

With that said, let us take a look at some other important facts now about the spread of the herpes virus.

  • A person infected with herpes is most likely to pass on the virus to others while having an outbreak.
  • It’s believed that during other times (when not having an outbreak), there’s about a 4 – 10% chance of ending up passing on the virus.
  • A particular study revealed that the chances of the herpes virus being spread from an infected person to others is around 20%, taking into consideration both the outbreaks and asymptomatic shedding periods. However, whether the study’s results are reliable or accurate cannot be said for sure.
  • Some studies have also revealed that people infected with herpes tend to get less likely to spread the virus to others as years go by.
  • The virus can also be spread by those who are infected but do not have any outbreaks. However, they are half as likely to transmit the virus to others.


Herpes is Highly Treatable

Well, we know this one might be the most surprising of all. But it’s indeed true, especially if you’re willing to put in the efforts to control and prevent outbreaks altogether. The eBook Herpes Remover covers some highly effective ways of treating herpes to an extent you probably couldn’t even imagine.

Anyway, while it is considered to be a universal truth that herpes doesn’t have a known cure, there are some really effective alternative treatments available that may go a long way in controlling and preventing it.

Some of the things that have are believed to be considerably effective when it comes to treating herpes are being mentioned below.

  • A healthy diet It must be high in lysine and low in arginine. Basically, your best bet may be to go for foods like dairy products, fruits (especially many citrus ones) and some vegetables. On the other hand, you would want to avoid foods like nuts and seeds, meat, alcohol, caffeine, lentils and more.
  • Herbs – There are many herbs out there that seem to be doing a great job when it comes to providing relief from the symptoms or the outbreaks. Similarly, some of them even provide a much needed immune boost that helps increase resistance to the herpes virus and prevent it from reproducing and growing.
  • Other alternative treatments – There also seem to be some extremely unpopular, but highly effective treatments out there that have been proven to bring about surprising results at treating herpes. They are covered in detail in the one of a kind eBook on herpes treatment – The HSV Eraser.