Dr. Christine Buehler

We are going to talk about something that may certainly bring the change in your life that you’re probably so desperately looking for. We understand herpes can be hard to deal with, and hence don’t want to make any empty promises and get your hopes high.

However, while we don’t have anything miraculous to talk about, we certainly have something that may help you deal significantly better with herpes than you have ever been able to all these years (or from whenever you were diagnosed with the condition). Basically, we are going to talk about a product called Herpes Eraser, which some believe has been developed by Dr. Christine Buehler.

Unlike conventional herpes medication, this product is all about home remedies and natural treatments. But they are not just any home remedies or treatments; they are proven to be effective against a wide range of illnesses and health conditions for hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of years.

Many of the treatments this product talks about focus on weakening or damaging the protein coat of the herpes virus, which is probably essential for being able to get rid of it for good.

Dr. Christine Buehler has become a popular name when it comes to little-known, highly effective herpes treatments. Some sources say that she has been working on developing this product from quite a long while now, and claims that it may help get rid of the outbreaks that have probably made your life a mess.

Author’s Words


The author is also said to claim that the Herpes Eraser may very well turn out to be a wonder product for anyone infected with the herpes virus. It may not only help prevent outbreaks altogether, but also eliminate the virus from your body.

You may be able to achieve these results in as less as 21 days, though it may vary quite a bit from one person to another – depending on several factors. However, it’s going to work just as effectively for both HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Most treatments discussed in the product come with absolutely no to a few extremely minor side effects, and it doesn’t require spending wads of money on expensive medication. In fact, you may be able to follow most of the treatments suggested in the product for as less as a few hundred dollars.

A Look at the “Truth”

We all know that herpes is terribly common: not only in the US, but throughout the world. And one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that most times, once a person falls prey to this condition, it stays with them for the rest of their life.

However, things seem to be changing for the good. We can now see more and more people sharing their “success” stories against the herpes virus, and how they managed to go back to living a perfectly normal life again after successfully fighting herpes.

There have apparently also been several important scientific advancements, which is only a reason to be more hopeful about being able to get rid of the herpes virus for good.

So, finally, we can kind of conclude that perhaps herpes can be healed just like many of the other health conditions out there. And this is exactly what the Herpes Eraser aims to do.

In a matter of 21 days or so, you will probably never be the same – but for the better. You may no longer have to feel embarrassed about your condition, and never have another outbreak again that would bring with it excruciating pain and an annoying, itching feeling.

This, according to a source, is exactly what Dr Christine says. It further adds that she has a lot of faith in what she developed and very hopeful that it will work wonders for people with herpes.

About the Product

As we mentioned above, this product is officially called the Herpes Eraser, though it’s apparently also relatively popular as Erase Herpes. The author says that they are happy to have been a part of the team that developed this product, and share some little known “secrets” that may go a long way in helping people infected with the herpes virus.

This product helps you learn how to go about treating HSV-1 or HSV-2 all by yourself, without even requiring the help of a doctor. However, you can obviously always consult them before following certain home remedies that you may have a problem with.

Apart from that, we can certainly claim that it’s a highly “natural”, yet probably tremendously effective solution to deal with the herpes virus.

Also, as we discussed above, this product would help you tackle your condition in a way that doesn’t break the bank – which is exactly what happens when you’re simply relying on the conventional, expensive medications. Erase Herpes, while offering permanent, natural and a highly effective solution, is also surprisingly cheap.

A Glimpse Into Some Research

While researching some of the treatments discussed in the product, we came across many people that swear by their effectiveness. Some say how some of these treatments worked significantly better for them than conventional medications and are now steadily going back to living a perfectly normal life.

We are hopeful that the people purchasing this product, too, are having a similar experience, as it’s actually a huge compilation of little-known treatments that have kind of been proven to be surprisingly effective for herpes.

How Erase Herpes Works?

Many of the treatments discussed in Erase Herpes aim at actually making it difficult for the herpes virus to survive in your body. It then steadily leads to the virus’ ability to cause outbreaks taking a huge hit, which is probably how it helps you become outbreak-free for good.

Again, let us remind you that most of the treatments discussed in the product are highly natural and cheap to follow. Some of them do require buying some relatively expensive stuff, but it’s probably still always going to be significantly cheaper than spending tons of money on medications that hardly even offer a temporary solution.

And similarly, while the said medications may cause some serious side effects in your body in the long term, the natural methods this product suggests absolutely do not. Yes, there are a few treatments that may end up causing some side effects, but they are usually minor and only affect people who are allergic to the things that need to be used for that particular treatment.

Apart from that, everything is probably as safe as anything can be for herpes – but more importantly – also pleasantly effective.

How Long Does It Take to Actually Work?

Well, as we have already mentioned above more than once, you may see some astonishing changes in as less as about 3 weeks or 21 days. This may actually turn out to be different based on several factors, but if you’re consistent with following the treatments and are determined enough, you may see some great changes in this time period.

This is definitely saying something given that most conventional medications require you to use them – in most cases daily – for years.

A Final Word

Another thing that’s important to note here is that pretty much everything mentioned in the product is fairly foolproof and extremely easy to follow. You may not even need the help of any medical practitioner, unless of course if you’re not sure about something.

Finally, let us tell you that if other typical treatments have failed you, the Herpes Eraser may totally be worth a try. After all, what’s there to lose – a few bucks? But the possibility of being able to get rid of the outbreaks and perhaps even the virus certainly makes it every bit worth it.